I noticed issues recently also, I am in the middle of moving my laptop development systems from MacOS to linux at the moment and can't get to debugging right now.. I would suggest asking the folks at Victron what they changed. -- let me know if you find anything out useful

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Thanks for your great work!

What is the firmware version of your device. I already fail here:

[bluetooth]# connect E0:E2:D5:3C:XX:XX

Attempting to connect to E0:E2:D5:3C:XX:XX

[CHG] Device E0:E2:D5:3C:XX:XX Connected: yes

Failed to connect: org.bluez.Error.Failed

[CHG] Device E0:E2:D5:3C:XX:XX Connected: no

Is it about encryption maybe? Where to debug?

Thank you

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